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17 Years of TUNAP in Spain

TUNAP Spain was born around the middle of 2002. At that time, the Iberian Peninsula was new territory for us, with more than 44,000 automotive workshops of every conceivable size.

We were betting on the future, facing both risks as well as opportunities, because neither did we know our potential customers exactly, nor was the TUNAP brand a household name on the Spanish market.

Specialist or Generalist?

Some of the key questions we faced before launch were: How is TUNAP positioned in relation to its competitors in the Spanish market? What is our value proposition as a specialist for our customers?


Quality and Team Spirit

Our very first office was still quite manageable, but gradually our team grew and so we had to move to larger premises for the first time in 2011. In 2017, too, this location had become too small for us and we once again moved to a new building, our current one.

TUNAP Spain has been developing steadily since its founding and today stands for highest quality of service, efficient problem solving and innovative products from the chemical sector. In addition, a highly motivated team of employees has grown, combining creativity, work ethic and enthusiasm.

Strong Brand Image and Strategic Cooperation

Because of our range of quality products and services, we have been able to forge strong alliances and win over large dealer groups and OEM collaborations as our loyal customers.


Potential for Growth Through New Business Areas

The support of TUNAP headquarters and the fruitful exchange of experience with our international TUNAP companies have been and still are important pillars of our continued development.

We want to advance this growth in the future as well: in addition to the Automotive division, we will set up new business units in Spain in order to develop additional market segments.

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