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Cleaning the EGR Valves and the Intake & Exhaust System

✓ Cleaning instead of expensive parts replacement

✓ TUNAP XGel cleaning technology

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EGR cleaning with TUNAP: Dissolves dirt in a way that is fair value and clever

With the new TUNAP XGel Cleaning Technology, carbon-based contamination on the EGR valves and in the intake and exhaust system can be quickly removed: Sustainably, inexpensively and without waiting for new parts.

  • Ideal for cleaning smaller components such as EGR valves
  • Cleansing gel with a short exposure time
  • The components are cleaned in around 15 minutes and can then be reinstalled
  • Very good surface wetting with Visualizer
  • Excellent drainage behavior

How are problems in the EGR system noticeable and what does EGR cleaning with TUNAP do?

Problems in the EGR system

Declining engine performance, uneven engine running and increased exhaust emissions increasingly lead to undesirable visits to the workshop.
Frequent causes for this can be: Dirty or stuck EGR valves and coked components in the intake and exhaust system.

Effect of EGR cleaning

The affected components (e.g. EGR valves, intake manifold, EGR cooler) are removed and the contaminated components are sprayed with the EGR cleaning gel or foam.
The cleaner then loosens the carbon-containing dirt in the intake and exhaust system. The excellent surface adhesion and wetting properties ensure minimal exposure times (approx. 15 minutes) and an optimal solution of the impurities.


EGR cleaning with XGel or XFoam Cleaning Technology is perfect for cleaning all components in the intake and exhaust systems that are contaminated with carbon deposits.
EGR cleaning is fast, inexpensive and sustainable: consumption and emissions are reduced and there is no need to replace components with spare parts.

EGR cleaning with the XGel Cleaning Technology in the video

EGR system cleaning in direct comparison

Top products for EGR and intake system cleaning

Tool for EGR cleaning

Tool for EGR cleaning

We have developed a special tool for cleaning larger components in the intake and exhaust areas: the EGR pressure cup gun. The HD-PE pressure cup guarantees a particularly safe use of the cleaning foam, and with the 5 millimeter diameter EGR probe, contamination of hard-to-reach components can be easily reached. The EGR pressure cup gun is designed for a maximum inlet pressure of 6 bar and ensures optimal foam results (XFoam Technology).

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Further solutions in the field of exhaust / intake systems

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