Light, almost transparent rings with the inscribing Regulations und Requirements

Chemical Compliance

You Benefit from Our High Ambition

You do not merely buy a product from TUNAP - you also benefit from our fulfilment of all the legal obligations involved.

Safety and environmental and health tolerance are among our highest company goals.

Our Specialists are Available to Advise and Assist You in All Product Areas

  • Hazardous Substance Management
  • Dangerous Goods Management
  • Preparation of safety data sheets in different languages
  • Customs classification
  • REACh Management
  • GHS Management
  • Marketability check
  • Preparation of product information files, including safety assessments
  • Trainings
  • Notifications to poison control center and to CPNP
Hand holding a smartphone with a red-white colored display showing the letters emergency call

Poison Control Center

You can reach the Poison Control Center (Giftnotruf in Germany / 24 hours) with which we work together:

Phone +49 (0)30 19 240