Sustainability Report 2021

Discover our ideas and solutions that we work with to meet our responsibility for economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Sustainability at TUNAP

We champion the preservation of our natural basis of existence and make our contribution towards protecting it by using our resources in an ecologically sensible way.

This not only means that we comply with existing laws for environmental protection and sustainability, but also that we attempt to avoid unnecessary use of renewable resources wherever this seems possible.

Apart from the environmental aspect, we also continue to develop successfully in the areas of economic and social sustainability.


Strategy and Management

What are TUNAP’s values and vision? What is our strategy and our organisation with regard to sustainability? What Corporate Social Responsibility measures have we already installed? Discover more about our company and our structure.

Products and Customers

We are proud that we can already offer many innovative and environmentally remarkable product innovations. In this respect, we consider ourselves to be a pioneer in the industry. Make up your own mind about our ambitious ideas for resource preservation and health.

Production and Value Adding

Practical use of energy, efficient and environmentally responsible handling of waste and reducing emissions are the most important parameters within our production and value adding processes.

Employees and Society

We support our employees with an efficient occupational health and safety management system, through active health promotion and with modern concepts in the areas of communication and co-determination.

Annex and GRI Index

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) provides guidelines to prepare sustainability reports. We based the structure of our sustainability report on the GRI index. This is useful when searching for specific topics and content.

Our sustainability team

The TUNAP sustainability team is responsible for preparing the sustainability report. The team consists or employees from the areas of Integrated Management Systems, Chemical Compliance, Research & Development, Marketing, Product Management and Applied Technology.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you:

Dr. Christian Späth
Elisabeth Vag
Dr. Christoph Hochstein
Martin Rappenglück
Daniel Eisenschmid
Sebastian Grall
Oliver Bourzutschky
Florian Wagner
Julian Wald
Tabea Keller