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Passion for Athlete and Equipment

TUNAP SPORTS Bicycle Care and Body Care

TUNAP SPORTS introduces a new product line that focuses on sport AND the athlete. This is a unique concept in which bicycle care and body care products come from one manufacturer. TUNAP SPORTS wants to serve the athlete and the high-quality equipment. TUNAP SPORTS products are for all bike enthusiasts; from daily bike commuters with city bikes to professional cyclists.

TUNAP Sports Bike Care

TUNAP Sports Bike Care

Stay clean while cleaning

TUNAP SPORTS Technical Line

The TUNAP SPORTS technical line encompasses everything for a fast cleaning, an appropriate care and a regular check-up for your bicycle. The application of these products is easy and very efficient. This gives you the possibility to enjoy your bike tours in every weather condition. TUNAP SPORTS will deal with the cleaning and aftercare. More..

  • No allergy-causing fragrances
  • No health risks
  • No harm to the environment
  • No harmful solvents
  • No n-Hexan or aromatics
TUNAP Sports Body Care fahrrad Paar

TUNAP Sports Body Care

For Body Care from City to Trail

TUNAP SPORTS Body Care: Be Protected in the Sun

The TUNAP SPORTS Body Care product line is developed to accommodate the needs of athletes. Our cosmetics line offers protection and care for the skin, relaxes the muscles and is effective for injuries. Enjoy your sport without worries. The TUNAP SPORTS Body Care product line treats you after your physical effort and prepares you for your next adventure. More..

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Effective and efficient protection
  • Intensive treatment without silicones
  • Skin friendly and no PEGs
  • Vegan and no minerals

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