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The Optimum Solution

Our lubricating oils provide the optimum tribological solution for lubricating of your machinery and elements. The formulations of our oils are tailored to the specific requirements of each component. Also we cover the requirements of the food processing industry with our range of NSF H1 registered lubrication oils.

Our Portfolio includes

  • Chain oils
  • Gear oils
  • Glass machine oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Hydraulic oils

Discover Our Range of Lubricating Oils

Drive Chain

Chain Oils

High-performance chain oils for the reliable oparation of your chains even in extreme conditions, such as low or fluctuating temperatures, wet and aggressive environment or very high temperatures. Our chain oils are characterized by excellent penetration and low residue formation. Thus, your chains are reliably lubricated, the service life are extended and operating costs are reduced.

  • TUNFLUID HT range
  • TUNFLUID LT range

Fully synthetic oils out of this range are NSF H1 registered

helical gear

Gear Oils

Our gear oils ensure the safe operation of your machinery, long service life and help to save energy and costs. In addition to our mineral and synthetic gear oils according to CLP specification, we offer high-performance gear oils with OMC2 technology for long service life and smoothing of pittings and damage.

  • TUNGEAR H1 Range
  • TUNGEAR S Range
  • TUNGEAR PG Range
  • TUNGEAR Range

Fully synthetic oils out of this range are NSF H1 registered

Manufacturing of glass bottles

Glass Machine Oils

TUNAP glass machine oils are characterized by low residue formation. In addition, the lubrication intervals are extended due to supply through the central lubrication systems. This means you can operate your machines and systems reliably and reduce the costs of maintenance and repair.

Hydraulic line

Compressor and Vacuum Oils

TUNAP compressors oils ensure the efficient and smooth operation of your machinery. High-performance additives reduce wear and tear and help to increase efficiency. Our oils are characterized by outstanding age stability and low residue formation because of a targed combination of high quality basic oils and high-performance additives. Therefore, oil change intervals will be increased and operation costs reduced.

  • TUNAIR Range
  • TUNAIR PAO Range
  • TUNAIR TS Range

Fully synthetic oils out of this range are NSF H1 registered

Hydraulik (Kompressor 1)

Hydraulic Oils

TUNAP hydraulic oils ensure reliable power transmission and are characterized by high air and water separation ability. Our hydraulic oils significantly reduce wear and tear and extend the service life of your machinery because of our OMC2-technology.


Oils out of this range are NSF H1 registered

Multi-purpose oil for gearboxes, roller bearings, plain bearings and fits

Multi-purpose Oils

Special oils with multi-purpose character for the lubrication of moving parts. We can offer you the suitable product for lubrication of your joints, spindles or guides as well as for the care and lubrication of seals, depending on your spresific field, production load and environmental influences. Our NSF-H1 registered oils are specifically targeted for food-processing companies.


Oils out of this range are NSF H1 registered

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