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'Instandhaltungskonferenz' in Linz, Austria, on November 21, 2023

The experts for the careful maintenance of your machines: from numerous services relating to lubricant management to concepts for reducing costs, TUNAP and ESCS are the strong partners at your side!

Instandhaltungskonferenz 2023: TUNAP and ESCS - your experts for efficient machine maintenance

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Precise condition diagnostics for machines and systems

ESCS provides its customers with comprehensive diagnostics with clear indications and valuable recommendations in combination with TUNAP's high-quality products to eliminate weak points in machines and systems. This enables partners to recognise potential problems at an early stage, significantly extend the service life of machines, reduce costs and act sustainably.

Reliable data is the basis of expertise. Continuous monitoring of rotating equipment provides the basis for precise information about the condition of equipment. But if the data is not accurate, an analysis loses value. Timely data collection is crucial to avoid missing early warnings of emerging problems. ESCS condition monitoring solutions are customised to the requirements and equipment of its customers. They receive reliable data that they can rely on to accurately diagnose the condition of their machines.

More than half of all premature bearing failures can be avoided. Studies show that the causes of bearing failures can be categorised into four main groups: Inadequate lubrication, contamination, assembly errors and overload or fatigue.

In practice, we often encounter situations in which several of these factors occur simultaneously. In particular, the lack of adequate lubrication stands out, which not only raises problems related to insufficient or excessive lubrication, but also concerns the correct choice of lubricant and the frequency of its application.


The high-performance maintenance products from TUNAP ensure optimum lubrication of components and their friction partners. Cleaning of the surfaces tailored to the contamination and strong corrosion protection contribute to a high degree of process reliability. The formulations, which are specially tailored to the customer's requirements, are thoroughly tribologically tested in the company's own test facility before being used in practice.

By combining and selecting high-quality raw materials, TUNAP maintenance products guarantee maximum durability and service life. TUNAP helps to optimally clean, lubricate and protect components and surfaces. The diverse TUNAP portfolio includes greases, gear, chain and multifunctional oils, grease sprays, rust removers, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, dry lubricants, bonded coatings and release agents.

The expertise of ESCS and TUNAP enables customers to reliably manage all the necessary lubrication points for their machines and systems, even in difficult situations.

Rely on our advice and visit us at the Maintenance Conference on 21 November 2023 in Linz!

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