New image for TUNAP Industry

Reading time: ca. 3 min. | An article by Maria Elsweier | TUNAP Blog

A consistent picture of the TUNAP Industry

A collage can transport numerous themes. However, it usually requires the viewer to have background knowledge and the leisure to grasp everything. These considerations were the starting point for revising the image of TUNAP Industry. How can we succeed in developing an image that represents TUNAP Industry as a lubricant specialist, transports our expertise and arouses the viewer's curiosity - and all of this in a graphically professional and high-quality impression?

What the TUNAP Industry stands for

TUNAP Industry is characterized, among other things, by the fact that solutions are developed for customers when maintenance is carried out more frequently than necessary or machines break down. Sometimes the right product already exists, other times it has to be developed from scratch.

The potential to offer advice, development and production from a single source is one of the strengths of TUNAP Industry, which can be closely linked to the brand. Numerous success stories testify to these experiences and successes in recent years. Our team has collected many such reports that describe the possible uses and approaches.

As a lubricant specialist, TUNAP Industry still has a lot planned. The extensive range in the food and plastics sector has ensured constant growth for a long time. We are also equipped with a complete range in the electrical and glass industries and are expanding our presence. The corrugated board industry now promises new growth, there are numerous opportunities, ideas and convincing products here. The internationalization of TUNAP Industry also ensures scalability.


Different target groups, different perspectives on the TUNAP Industry

The large number of industries and decision-makers on our customer side brings with it a great deal of heterogeneity. Depending on the target group, different perspectives can be taken to explain what is behind the TUNAP Industry.

The service can be explained as a process, from the idea to creating a solution to production and implementation. It is also possible to name the branches of industry that are supplied or to indicate all product groups from fats to oils, cleaning agents and maintenance products.

The film "A day with TUNAP" can make it easier for people who are not familiar with the field to understand the versatility behind TUNAP.

The new TUNAP Industry image

With these considerations in mind, the Industry team jointly defined which components a new image should have. All of this served as a starting point to find a consistent and understandable visual language.

The result is impressive: the light-colored lubricant can be seen at first glance, almost through a magnifying glass. The eye moves further to the right to a sphere that is evidently in motion: rolling on a track lined with grease. If you want to look further, you can see the arrows outlined in white, which show the speed and the coefficient of friction.

The new image is an important milestone in gradually increasing awareness of TUNAP Industry, exploring new paths and solidly expanding existing ones.