Three New All-Rounders from the Professional Line


Professional Treatment for Tyres and Brakes

Just in time for the start of summer, the TUNAP Professional Line presents three new products for brakes and tyres:

  • The 119 Tyre Foam ceates shine and protection for the tyres in all weather conditions. Simply spray on, allow to work and the tyres will shine in new splendour.
  • The 114 Brake Protection impresses with an innovative rust-stopping effect: It offers effective protection against the formation of new rust on the brake system. The tyre look is impressive too: After using the 114, the entire brake system shines in a new parts look.
  • The 120 Tyre Fitting Gel completes the innovative trio: thanks to a greatly improved gliding ability, tyre fitting is now really fun. With the 120 gel the tire assembly is carried out faster, simpler and cleaner than with the conventional assembly pastes.

All-Round Carefree Package

Three new products from the TUNAP Professional Line for tyres and brakes.

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