TUNAP Shows Preschool Kids the Technology Trends of Tomorrow.


What is bubbling in the test tube, and why is the lid flying through the air? Do not worry, everything is under control at TUNAP in Wolfratshausen. 10 preschool children from the kindergarten Wettersteinstraße have looked behind the scenes at the technology market leader of aerosols and active ingredients for industrial, technical and cosmetic applications.

The invitation to visit was not just about theoretical knowledge, but also about the fascination of chemistry. "We are delighted when we can inspire even the youngest how a modern company works on and keeps working on new ideas." explains Oliver Bourzutschky, Head of Marketing and Technology for the Automotive Division, during the tour.

After an introduction by the head of the TUNAP laboratory Dr. Christoph Hochstein and a stop in the experimental center, where chemists showed how active ingredients for cosmetics and health technology are developed, the kids went into production. Here, the curious kids watched how products are portioned, filled and packaged.

The children, as well as the two attendants of the kindergarten, were able to get to the bottom of the secrets of a fascinating science, but also get to know the latest office and communication technology. The highlight was the presentation of a 3-D animated video about a cleaner for air conditioning system in cars. Here the preschool kids got really big eyes and were amazed when simulated by virtual air conditioning roller coaster ride, how dirt and germs washed away with high pressure and thereby thoroughly cleaned all the components in the air conditioning of the car.

At the end of the two-hour visit, there were pretzels and lemonade and as a souvenir TUNAP cuddly bears and colorful TUNAP caps to take home.

Kids visiting TUNAP
Preschool kids get a TUNAP laboratory presentation.
Kids at TUNP
Kids visiting TUNAP
10 kids spending a day at TUNAP.