TUNAP‌ Lichtenau Continues to Support Chemnitz in the Fight Against the Corona Pandemic


TUNAP Donates Another 2,000 Liters of Disinfectant

Disinfectant is a very scarce commodity these days - like many other medical materials that protect against the corona virus. Those responsible at the city of Chemnitz can now look forward to a new donation of surface disinfectant: TUNAP Lichtenau provides municipal institutions with another 2,000 liters of disinfectant free of charge.

TUNAP Donates Again

TUNAP has given the city of Chemnitz surface disinfectants for the third time within a few days, after two previous donations of 1,000 liters each. The disinfectant is used, among other things, by the ambulance service, in the corona ambulance clinic in the trade fair, or by nursing services.

Delivery of the donation to the AWO dementia center in Wolfratshausen.

Collection of the donation by the fire department of the city of Chemnitz.

Rearrangement of Production

A few weeks ago, TUNAP rearranged its production capacities so that primarily disinfectants can be produced there - some of it is now being donated to the city of Chemnitz, among other things for system-relevant medical facilities such as nursing services or hospitals.

“It goes without saying that we do our best to support Chemnitz even in the current COVID-19 crisis. Many TUNAP employees are citizens of the city. The current situation shows how important solidarity and cohesion are in our society, the consequences of the spread of the corona virus are still not foreseeable. That is why we as a company would like to make a contribution to supporting medical facilities", says Production Director Jens Georgi.