Hygienic Maintainance of Air-Conditioning Systems: VDI Defines State-of-the-art Technology Anew


The feelgood factor: that air conditioning systems in motor vehicles should be hygienic and make the air a major feelgood factor and not just function technically are now official specifications for ventilation systems in such vehicles.

“Air conditioning systems must be regularly cleaned to ensure a healthy air supply”. That’s what the new Association of German Engineers (VDI) Guideline 6032, sheet 1 has to say on the subject.

The guideline was revised on the basis of the VDI’s ventilation experts’ two decades and more of experience in the facility HVAC engineering field with assistance from motor industry professionals. It deals with HVAC technology on trains, ships and aircraft as well as the hygiene standards of air in motor vehicles and their air conditioning systems.

The guideline can be used to promote after sales business and good customer relations. It became the recognised technology standards benchmark in motor vehicle maintenance and servicing in May 2015. You should now make every effort to implement it and adhere to it. That includes replacing pollen filters, cleaning the pollenfilter box and mechanically flushing air conditioner evaporators.

Garages can meet legal hygiene requirements by always applying the patented Contra Sept air-conditioning programme:

•cleaning the pollen filter box whenever the pollen filter is replaced but every 2 years at the latest, and

•mechanically flushing the air conditioner evaporator every 2 years at the latest.

Dealers and garages are well advised to emphasise the trendy subject of health. Target groups such as families, female drivers, allergics and asthmatics are very sensitive where this subject is concerned and are showing growing interest in goods and services that promote health in any way.

TUNAP offers comprehensive support in implementing the revised VDI guideline that ranges from garage training courses via end client information to online support. Consumers can find all the garages that distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering the TUNAP Hygiene Service at www.contra-sept.de This website shows all topics about clean air conditioning systems generally.

Introducing the Association of German Engineers (VDI)

With about 12,000 honorary experts and 154,000 members the VDI is Germany’s largest association of engineers. As a regulatory body it works together with industry and science in Germany and hence concerns itself with air as a commodity that is breathed daily by millions of motorists.