Strategy TUNAP Industrie

Reading time: Ca. 2 min. | An article by Timo Wolfrath, Head of Division Industry

TUNAP Industry as a "think tank" and innovation driver

At the beginning of 2021, the future strategy of the Industry division was developed in joint and cross-departmental working groups. The resulting “bottom-up strategy” led to realistic planning for the years to come. The goal is to develop the Industry Division into a driving force behind new technological trends for the TUNAP organization and thus act as a "think tank" and innovation driver.

The path

Instead of focusing on a large number of industries as before, the focus sectors were reduced to those that correspond to our core expertise. Target customers should be able to obtain as broad a product portfolio as possible in these focus sectors. Targeted marketing activities should help to increase awareness in these focus sectors. The strategic shift away from area sales towards project management makes more intensive cooperation with our support dealers indispensable.

New communication channels in times of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a significant shift towards the use of digital media. Avoiding physical meetings has led to the use of digital communication channels, long frowned upon, for exchange, especially in industry.

TUNAP Industry has responded to this new need with a variety of webinars, ensuring exchange with customers and project partners despite the necessary distance. Of course, getting to know each other in person is indispensable, especially in new customer acquisition, but a hybrid version of project communication is likely to take hold once the pandemic is over, as well.

Digital participation in trade fairs and conferences is also helping us find new customer contacts. Results have shown that this is a fairly unproblematic way of finding interesting contacts.