TUNAP Vision, Mission and Values

TUNAP Vision, Mission and Values

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Why does TUNAP exist?

What does a customer get when he buys from us? In which areas do we see our future? How do we want to work together and interact with each other? The TUNAP vision offers the answers:


Our Vision

TUNAP contributes to a better world by developing sustainable solutions in the areas of cleaning, protection and care.


What does TUNAP stand for?

  • - With products for a wide range of industries and applications TUNAP improves the daily life of people.
  • - We deliver intelligent products, quality applications and services far beyond our customer`s expectations.
  • - We provide customized solutions in respect of personal well-being and a healthy and safe environment.


Our Values

  • - In dealings with our customers and partners we are reliable, quick and professional.
  • - Long-term partnerships form the basis of our success.
  • - We act in a responsible, direct and predictable manner.
  • - Our style of work is characterized by appreciation and respect.
  • - We support each other and learn from each other.
  • - We are successful because we promote and honor performance and personal engagement.
  • - We see growth and change as an opportunity and challenge.

Customers buy our products because they want to feel better, because they want to breathe fresh air, because they want to stay healthy at work and because TUNAP products help them conserve resources.

Examples for this are:

  • - Cleaning technologies for the protection and preservation of technical components - against the disposable mentality!
  • - Technologies to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
  • - Maintenance with Human Technology®, developed in responsibility of the consumers health
  • - airco well®, air conditioning cleaning for breathing healthy air in the car.
  • - TUNAP lifetime lubrication for efficiency and resource conservation in the industry
  • - Parts cleaner with reduced risk of explosion and fire hazard
  • - Sustainable cleaning technologies for e-bikes and e-cars.
  • - Cosmetic ranges for better skin, well-groomed hair and well-being
  • - Products without allergy-causing dyes and fragrances
  • - Products without harmful n-hexane
  • - Independent institutions regularly confirm the high level of TUNAP innovation - a result of five decades of research, development and TUNAP team spirit.

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