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News From the TUNAP Professional Line

Summer has finally arrived and therefore the tyre season has also started. Who does not know about the following situation: on a beautiful sunny day one drives off in the car and just shortly afterwards gets caught in a torrential rain shower which simply does not want to stop. The water drops beat against the car and soon the rims are full of dirt again. Now what?

119 Tyre Foam

119 Tyre Foam also protects the tyres from getting dirty again.

Shine and Protection for the Tyres. In all Weathers.

Appropriately TUNAP has developed a tyre foam which cleans the tyres and gives them a beautiful shine with just a flick of the wrist. Our 119 Tyre Foam is very useful at every inspection to restore the shine on tyres. Free according to the motto: spray on, allow to work, gloss. Apart from the cleaning effect it also protects the tyres from getting dirty again. A real all-rounder from TUNAP.

114 Brake Anti-Rust Protection

114: The rust-stopping effect protects against new rust on the brake system.

Anti-Ageing for Rusty Brake Systems

119 Tyre Foam is accompanied by two further products from the brake and tyre service sector: 114 Brake Protection and 120 Tyre Fitting Gel. With its 2-in1 effect our 114 Brake Protection inspires the users in the workshops: as the only manufacturer on the market TUNAP has managed to develop a rust-stopping effect which is powerful at protecting against the development of new rust on the brake system.

It also improves the optical appearance and restores the new part look of the whole brake system - even after months. Due to its short drying time and rapid and simple application it is becoming the ideal accompaniment in workshops and with second hand car dealers.

Tyre fitting: Simple, fast, economical and clean

Tyre fitting: Simple, fast, economical and clean!

Spray it on, Fit the Tyres, Job Done.

Did you already know that, with immediate effect, workshops can offer simple and rapid tyre assembly? The third new product in the Professional Line, our 120 Tyre Fitting Gel, delivers what it promises: it simplifies and shortens the period of use due to increased lubrication properties, also at high pressures, in comparison to conventional assembly pastes.

As an allrounder, our tyre assembly gel is suitable for use on all types of tyres: From Runflat through to Ultra High Performance tyres. As a further member of the Professional Line, the 120 Tyre Fitting Gel completes the TUNAP automotive portfolio and offers workshops an all-round carefree package.

TUNAP Professional Line

Well-proven TUNAP Quality

All three products have the proven TUNAP quality and are presented in the Professional design for workshops which make the highest demands.

The TUNAP Professional Line is the result of five decades of research, development and practice in close cooperation with our customers and cooperation partners.


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