New Image Film for TUNAP Industry

A Day With TUNAP: New Image Film for TUNAP Industry

What Exactly Does the TUNAP Industry Division?

Which Products are Used and How?

Reading time: ca. 2 min. | An article from Maria Elsweier | TUNAP Blog

Elevator: Rope and wir lubrication

Rope and wire lubrication for an elevator.

TUNAP Industry Makes Life Easier

How can we help people understand how TUNAP Industry excels and at the same time establishes our presence in the market even more? There are various ways to view the product range TUNAP Industry offers. Some people wish to know what greases we sell while others wish to learn about or experience the product range for the plastics sector or find out which products can be obtained for certain parts and assemblies like a gear box. So someone with no reference to a lubricant specialist only obtains a little clarification.

The idea arose to search for lubrication points and pictures which everyone knows and which are self-explanatory. During the course of the brain storming we came to the decision that pictures are an important aspect but a film can make an explanation easier to put across.

Lubricants in Picture and Sound

In the film we subsequently produced, the camera accompanies the leading actor during the day and elucidates the fact that TUNAP is both directly and indirectly part of everyday living and our life. The products of TUNAP Industry can be found in a water tap, in tiny gearboxes in household appliances, in the large corrugated rolls used in corrugated cardboard manufacture, in gearboxes in e-bikes, in production plants for manufacturing foods and glass, in the valves found in musical instruments and in safety switches - just to name a few.

In order to implement the TUNAP Industry film in all of its diversity, many colleagues greatly contributed their contacts and ideas. Photographs were taken during filming in and around our headquarters in Wolfratshausen which can be found on the TUNAP website - and you can certainly also watch the new film here:

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