TUNAP makes life easier

TUNAP Makes Life Easier

Lubricants for a Wide Variety of Applications

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Lubricants for Every Area of Life

What is the common feature of a faucet, a toothbrush, a blender, a carton, an e-bike, an excavator, a croissant, a lift and a trumpet? All of them need the right lubricant to be produced or to work!

Baking oven: Lifetime lubrication

Baking oven: Lifetime lubrication

Versatile Requirements

The challenges faced by our lubricant specialists could not be more diverse. Sometimes it's about high temperatures, sometimes it's about low temperatures, sometimes it's about enormous loads, proximity to food or noise reduction.

It is important to always achieve maximum reliability, as it is about ensuring safety, reducing maintenance intervals or providing a certain level of comfort in terms of lightness or noise reduction.

Our Lubricants in Picture and Sound

Explaining products that end consumers do not buy or use and that are only indirectly related to them usually requires many words. An alternative offers a media processing: pictures and filmic realization. This is the path TUNAP Industry has taken. In addition to the already existing spot, there is now a film which shows that the lubricants of TUNAP Industry accompany each of us in everyday life. TUNAP can be found in objects of daily use or in the production facilities used to manufacture them.

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