Tyre Fitting: Easier, Cleaner and Safer Than Ever Before

Tyre Fitting: Easier, Cleaner and Safer than Ever Before

Reading time: ca 2 min. | An article from Lisa Bastian | TUNAP Blog

Tyre Fitting gel from an aerosol

Tyre Fitting Gel From an Aerosol

Fitting tyres has never been so easy! With Professional® 120 Tyre Fitting Gel, TUNAP is offering the first tyre fitting product in an aerosol. The days of dirty tyre fitting pastes from the bucket are now a thing of the past.

Spray it on, fit the tyres, job done.

White residue on the tyre when using competitor products.

Tyre Fitting: Spray It On, Fit the Tyres, Job Done.

The product’s ease of use and quality are particularly worthy of note. Simply spray the tyre gel on the tyre bead, fit the tyre effortlessly and you're done. The tyre fitting gel leaves no white residue on the tyre as with competitive products, which must be laboriously removed after fitting.

Fitting tyres – the easy and clean way

Fitting Tyres... the Easy and Clean Way!

A new generation of lubricants in our tyre fitting gel ensures significantly smoother fitting compared to traditional tyre fitting pastes - even when fitting high-performance low profile tyres.

This also significantly reduces the risk of damaging the often expensive tyres. The advantages of an aerosol can are unmistakable: Easy, economical and clean application of the tyre fitting gel and effective protection of the gel against contamination.

The Application of Professional® 120 Tyre Fitting Gel in our Video:


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