TUNAP Professional 114 Brake Protection

A Makeover For Rusty Brakes

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Innovation From the TUNAP Laboratories

In March 2019, a new brake product was launched fresh from TUNAP Product Development. The product in question is not a classic brake spray like the ones already available on the market. Professional® 114 Brake Protection stands out against competitor products with its special formulation and unique effect.

Rust owing to long periods of non-use

Rust Owing to Long Periods of Non-Use

When cars stand outside unused for long periods of time, their brake systems can quickly start to rust as a result of the weather conditions. This is often the case with demonstrator and year-old vehicles at car dealerships. When faced with this sight, potential customers are more likely to be put off buying a vehicle than to be attracted to it.

Anti-ageing for rusty braking systems

Anti-Ageing for Rusty Brake Systems

114 Brake Protection not only improves the appearance of a rusty brake system – the special formulation includes a rust converter component (rust-protection effect) which efficiently prevents further rusting. The results of the following treatment are very impressive indeed.

Parts looking like new for two months

Treatment with Professional® 114 Brake Protection

Parts Looking Like New for Months

The product is not only effective – it is easy and quick to use too. After any loose rust has been removed using a brush, 114 Brake Protection can be sprayed on over a large area. After treatment, the brake parts will look like new for months.

Application of Professional® 114 Brake Protection


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