German automobile magazine AutoBild warns: Air-conditioning systems in cars are

The German automobile magazine "AutoBild" warns: Air-conditioning systems in cars are "dangerous muckrakers"

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Air conditioning in the car: "AutoBild" warns of health hazards

Most drivers know the phenomenon: the air conditioning in the car smells unpleasant and it is high time for cleaning. But according to the German Automobile magazine "AutoBild" (issue 8/2023), this is already a much too late warning signal of a possible health hazard. In the current issue, the lack of implementation of the VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure. English: Association of German Engineers) hygiene guideline 6032 is cited as evidence that air-conditioning systems in cars can become downright "filthy messes" if they are not cleaned regularly. Timely and professional cleaning is therefore essential to protect the health of the occupants.

Microbiological colonisation due to condensation water

During the cooling process of the car air conditioning system, condensation water collects on the fin system of the evaporator. This humid environment provides the best conditions for bacteria and mould to multiply. This germination is intensified by overloaded cabin and pollen filters, the effectiveness of which decreases over time anyway. Pollen, dust and pollutant gases also decompose over time into smaller and smaller particles, which then increasingly enter the supply air stream.

Health hazard long before unpleasant odours become noticeable

The hygiene deficiency of the air-conditioning system is already serious long before it becomes noticeable in the form of unpleasant odours. In the comparatively small passenger compartment, the constant input of organic, microbiological, allergenic and chemical contaminants relatively quickly leads to a high concentration of pollutants in the air we breathe.

Need for action for motorists, car dealerships and workshops

The "AutoBild" report on the VDI hygiene guideline 6032 clearly shows the immense need for action in the area of air-conditioning cleaning. It is not only the health of the passengers that is at risk, but also that of the workshop employees, who must protect themselves when cleaning the air conditioning system.

Bottom line: Regular air-conditioning system cleaning is indispensable

The VDI hygiene guideline 6032 and the "AutoBild" report clearly show that regular air-conditioning system cleaning is essential to protect the health of passengers and workshop employees. For this purpose, airco well® offers an effective and safe cleaning method recommended by experts.

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