The Test Winner Gets Even Better: Our Ultimate Chain Oil is Now Available as a Practical Spray

The Test Winner Gets Even Better: Our Ultimate Chain Oil is Now Available as a Practical Spray

Reading time: ca. 3 min. | An article by Lydia Liebnitzky | TUNAP Blog

Good news for all cyclists: Our test winner, the TUNAP SPORTS chain oil Ultimate is now also available as a practical spray with dosing brush. With its unique formula and OMC₂ technology, it offers first-class lubricating properties and has already been awarded multiple test winners.

Developed with professional cycling teams

Our successful chain oil is the result of over a year of development work in the laboratory and extensive tests with the professional cycling team BORA-hansgrohe, the German national track team and the FES. The result is impressive: The Ultimate chain oil offers first-class lubrication properties that optimally care for the chain and the drive and protect against wear.

The chain oil is already available in the 100 ml dropper bottle and in the 950 ml workshop container - and now also in the spray can with dosing brush in the sizes 50 ml and 125 ml. We have optimised the dosage and distribution of the oil with the brush to make it even easier to apply.

TUNAP SPORTS Kettenöl Ultimate

The strengths of the chain oil

  • The Ultimate chain oil ensures that your chain and drive are optimally lubricated. The result is a longer service life of the bicycle components and thus greater reliability and riding safety.
  • With the dosing brush, the Ultimate chain oil can be precisely dosed and evenly applied so that all areas of the chain are optimally lubricated.
  • Our tests have shown that the Ultimate chain oil effectively minimises locking and makes the drive almost noiseless.
  • The Ultimate chain oil reduces friction in the drive to a minimum, which can make all the difference in the performance range.
  • Our chain oil is suitable for all weather conditions - whether snow, rain or sunshine.
  • Chain oil Ultimate is also suitable for all e-bikes.

Application tips for the Ultimate Spray chain oil

Before you oil the chain, it is important to clean it of old oil residues and dirt and dry it with a cloth. Shake the chain oil spray can thoroughly for 10-15 seconds, then place the brush on the chain and press the spray head while turning the crank. It is best to leave the oil to work overnight. Before your next tour, wipe the outside of the chain with a cloth to remove excess oil. This will help repel dirt and dust and ensure better chain performance.

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