25 years of TUNAP Italia

25 Years of TUNAP Italia

Reading time: ca. 2 min. | An article by Ilaria Paoli | TUNAP Blog

The five-step approach

On October 8, 2022, TUNAP Italia celebrates 25 years of activity, together with all Italian workshops.

How did it all start? TUNAP Italia was founded in 1997 and immediately set itself the goal of establishing a market approach that differs from its competitors: the 5-step approach that relies on sell-in and sell-out: Because when our dealers are successful, then TUNAP will also be successful: a win-win situation!

TUNAP Italia

Focus on health and sustainability

Supported by the history of the strong TUNAP brand with a focus on research and development and the sale of vertical and high quality products, TUNAP Italia has designed a path that is firstly based on proposing the best for the engine of today, in which health and sustainability are the priorities.

For its 25th anniversary, TUNAP Italia has decided to publish various interviews and market experiences with workshops that face difficulties and challenges with innovation, profitability and sustainability.

We have summarized the answers used by our customers to describe what they associate with TUNAP here.

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