The brake cleaner: Allrounder in every workshop

The brake cleaner: Allrounder in every workshop

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The brake cleaner, a multi-talent

The brake cleaner is a true allrounder! It not only has a strong cleaning power, but also has a fast-degreasing effect. Thus, in practice, the product is not only used to dissolve residues on the brake, such as brake dust or brake pad, but also to remove oily deposits, salty residues, resin and silicone.

Thanks to its versatile application possibilities, brake cleaner is an indispensable cleaning product. Both professional mechanics and amateurs can use it to clean and maintain car parts quickly and easily.

TUNAP brake cleaners

A product for every requirement

In the meantime, TUNAP has brought a whole portfolio of brake cleaners onto the market to meet every requirement. All products convince with strong performance and fast flash-off.

In addition to our standard product, the 115 Universal Cleaner, we also offer our 915, a safety cleaner which is NSF K1 registered. This is not only free of harmful n-hexane, but also fulfils the high requirements of the food industry.

The 916 Universal Cleaner Plus is also free of n-hexane and is characterised above all by its mild odour.

111 Brake and Parts Cleaner

111 Brake and Parts Cleaner: "Regenerative ready"

Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war, TUNAP has also been confronted with the shortage of raw materials prevailing on the market. This has already resulted in a shortage of specialty gasoline on several occasions, which is why we aim to deal with this challenge in the best possible way.

Our R&D department wanted to develop a counterpart to the 115 Universal Cleaner, which contains less white spirit. This would ensure better availability for our customers. All this, of course, without sacrificing the well-known TUNAP cleaning performance.

This was the birth of the 111 Brake and Parts Cleaner. This cleaner not only uses half the amount of special petrol, but also has a very special product feature. In the future, its formula could even consist of 35 percent renewable raw materials (bio-ethanol): "Regenerative ready", in line with our R&D guiding principle: best for the world.

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