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Cleaning, care, lubrication and maintenance with the TUNAP Private Brand ECO-Line

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We protect values

TUNAP's focus has always been on developing chemical products that protect the environment and human health. We see ourselves as pioneers in the industry.

Thanks to our many years of experience in aerosol production, carefully selected suppliers and in-house research and development, we now have numerous innovative and ecologically remarkable product innovations in our range.

The latest example is our sustainable product cap made of 100% recyclable paper: TUNAP was recently named a finalist at the 14th German Sustainability Award for this cap. With the sustainable product solutions of our Human Technology® line, we have been successful in the TUNAP own brand for years.

TUNAP Private Brand ECO Line

Our TUNAP Private Brand customers are also increasingly asking about sustainable products. We took this as an opportunity to develop a multi-stage product line where our customers can set their own priorities in terms of sustainability: the TUNAP Private Brand ECO-Line, which now consists of over 20 products.

A product builder allows customers to choose different product upgrades to make the world a better place to live. The modular system allows us to respond individually to the requirements of each customer.

With the following product features, the sustainability focus can be placed on the topics of health and the environment:

ECO-Line products with health-friendly properties are

  • NSF certified,
  • free from allergenic fragrances,
  • free from n-hexane and
  • free of solvents.

ECO-Line products with environmentally friendly properties

  • are free of microplastics,
  • free of fluorine compounds,
  • non-flammable,
  • have no harmful solvents and
  • use renewable raw materials.

When it comes to product packaging, we work closely with our suppliers to become even more sustainable. Waste avoidance and climate protection are central product features:

For ECO-Line products that contribute to avoid waste, we use

  • a PCR cap or a cap made from recycled paper,
  • sustainable packaging material and
  • paper tape

ECO-Line products that contribute to climate protection

  • use compressed gas (approx. 30% more active ingredient per can than when using liquid gas)
  • and are climate-neutral on request.

To illustrate, here is our cockpit spray with the three sustainability levels of the TUNAP Private Brand ECO-Line: from "Standard" to "ECO" to "ECO PLUS+":

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