TUNAP expands production capacities in Lichtenau

TUNAP Expands Production Capacities in Lichtenau

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New filling line for 23 million additional units per year

The investment in a new filling line at the Lichtenau plant near Chemnitz enables TUNAP to significantly expand production. More than 100,000 additional cans can be produced per day.

It is not a lack of customer orders that is causing problems for the care and cleaning specialist TUNAP. On the contrary, TUNAP is currently barely able to produce enough to satisfy the high customer demand. This is due on the one hand to international catch-up effects from the Corona era, and on the other hand to the machinery, which has reached its capacity limits due to the high number of orders and is now being expanded accordingly.

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The focus of production is on cleaners for demanding industrial and technical applications - both for the company's own brand TUNAP and for third-party brands.

Goal: full automation

The new line is designed for a three-shift system; 34,000 to 38,000 cans, mainly chemical-technical aerosols for cleaning applications, can be produced per shift.

Nevertheless, TUNAP is not yet satisfied with the current state of the filling line. The machine will be additionally equipped and upgraded with the latest machine technology. The goal is full automation, consisting of depalletizing, case packer and palletizing.

The expansion will minimize setup times and times for packaging and palletizing, thus further increasing production capacity.

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In addition to production, the administration and sales building of the TUNAP plant in Lichtenau was also extensively renovated: A harmonious combination of historical architecture and modern building technology.

Jens Georgi, director of the Lichtenau TUNAP plant, is optimistic: "I am very confident that the improved production facilities will enable us to meet the continuing high level of customer orders in the long term."

The new machine, the associated redesign of the production hall and the renovation of the administrative buildings, which was also recently realized, send a positive signal for the region and for the employees: TUNAP is strengthening the location and securing jobs for the future.

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