Surveillance Audit 2021 in
Wolfratshausen and Oberlichtenau

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Certification of our management system

TUNAP has had a certified management system at its Oberlichtenau and Wolfratshausen locations for many years. Certification is based on the international standards ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental protection and, recently, ISO 45001, which has replaced the OHSAS 18001 standard.

In order to maintain the certification, it is necessary to have an annual audit carried out by an accredited certification company. At TUNAP, TÜV Süd (Germany) has been commissioned with this job.

TUNAP headquarters in Wolfratshausen.

Wolfratshausen location

The certification period always runs for three years and begins with a so-called repeat audit. If this audit is carried out to satisfaction, the certification body issues a certificate for a further three years. At TUNAP this is a combined certificate for both locations and all three standards. A so-called surveillance audit is required in each of the two years following the repeat audit. The scope of the surveillance audits is significantly smaller compared to the repeat audit.

A surveillance audit was due this year. The audit was carried out by TÜV Süd (Germany). First of all, the Wolfratshausen location was audited from April 19 to April 22. The auditors then inspected the processes in the individual areas in accordance with the audit plan.

Administration building of the Oberlichtenau plant.

Oberlichtenau location

Due to the pandemic situation and the associated hygiene measures, the audit took place under somewhat difficult conditions and in some cases also via digital media.

In the following week, from April 26th to April 29th, the audit was then continued at the Oberlichtenau site. Here, too, the audit conditions were made somewhat more difficult due to the pandemic.

Audit passed!

The result of the audit was positive again: TÜV Süd (Germany) recommended to the certification company to extend the certificate. In addition, TUNAP was certified as having made significant progress with the further development of our management system. The auditors were also able to give us welcome information about the possibilities that still exist to further improve our system in the future. We look forward to welcoming the auditors again next year - then for a repeat audit.

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