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There are thousands of diseases, but there’s only one health

TUNAP offers various programmes to maintain and promote the health of all employees. Our aim is to not give diseases a chance to occur in the first place.

TUNAP health strategy

We try to identify diseases at an early stage to prevent potential damage. All employees can take advantage of company medical check-ups.

We are supported in this by our company physician who is also available to answer confidentially any medical questions about occupational health and safety. Individual recommended and compulsory preventive care packages are determined, offered and carried out for all employees. All the associated data is kept and maintained in a preventive care file.

You are what you eat

In keeping with this motto, the four-person team in our company restaurant prepare fresh meals every day, using healthy and regional ingredients.

Fresh fruit, coffee and water are also available at the company’s expense.

The first step towards becoming fit is always the hardest

TUNAP wants to encourage its employees to take this step and drum up enthusiasm for sport and fitness. For this reason, we offer all employees the option to take part in activities such as company football, running sessions, skiing, tobogganing, cycling and gymnastics. Skis and mountain bikes are lent out to employees at no cost and are available at all times for use.

GRI: 403-3:
Occupational health services

GRI: 403-6:
Promotion of worker health

Area: Social 400

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