TUNAP Compliance Organisation

TUNAP Sustainability Report | General Disclosures | GRI: 102

We want performance, predictability, honesty and straightforwardness.

For us it is very important that all relevant national and international regulations and laws as well as our company values are strictly complied with.

To make this transparent to our employees, we have derived specific codes of conduct based on our company values, which we have summarised in the TUNAP Group Code of Compliance.

For our suppliers and business partners, we have summarised them in our Supplier Code of Conduct.


We value integrity

Our actions are guided by mutual trust, predictability, honesty and straightforwardness, both internally and externally. We protect the reputation of TUNAP and avoid conflicts of interest. The reputation of the TUNAP GROUP is largely influenced by the conduct of our employees. Misconduct can cause serious damage to our image for example, or also lead to penalties that could have an effect on every single employee.

This is why, when fulfilling our tasks, we make sure that the reputation of TUNAP is protected and promoted at all times. Integrity and reliability are the cornerstones of the corporate culture of TUNAP. This means that we act honestly, fairly and at arm’s length in every situation in our everyday work. We especially avoid conflicts between personal and business interests.


Contact and whistle-blower system

Protecting our customers, partners, employees and our values has top priority. Because of this, it is important that we get to know about any compliance breaches in good time.

If there are any issues or inconsistencies, such as breaches of guidelines or laws, this can be reported to TUNAP anonymously via the SpeakUp reporting hotline.


GRI: 102:
General Disclosures

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Contact and whistle-blower system

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