TUNAP: We protect values

TUNAP: We protect values

TUNAP Sustainability Report | General Disclosures | GRI: 102

TUNAP: We protect values

Cleaning, maintenance, protection: This is the world of TUNAP. In the early years, or to be exact since 1974, TUNAP made a name for itself with its products for care and maintenance in the automotive workshop. This is still a focus. But TUNAP now offers more. Once a supplier solely to German automotive workshops, TUNAP has grown to become a major company on an international scale. TUNAP produces and markets a comprehensive portfolio of chemical-technical products at several production facilities: for many different industries, for retail and manufacturing brands in the technology sector as well as products and systems for vehicle maintenance and repair.

The company

The company

TUNAP GmbH & Co. KG is based in Wolfratshausen near Munich, Germany. The company has about 350 employees and has an annual turnover of EUR 120 million (2020). The production and distribution activities of the affiliated companies in Germany and abroad are also coordinated from Wolfratshausen. The management team consists of Maximilian Buchner and Oliver Graetsch.

Guiding privciples

Guiding principles

Research, development, production and distribution from one source: with this unique market proposition, TUNAP presents itself as a sustainable technological leader. TUNAP increases the success of its customers with innovative ideas and concepts. TUNAP delivers a complete consulting concept, including business advice, technical product training and sustainable use of its products.

Safety, sustainability, economic efficiency and customer focus are the paramount objectives of TUNAP.

Production locations


The Wolfratshausen production facilities (Bavaria)

About 140 employees work in administration, sales and production at the company’s headquarters in Wolfratshausen. The central research and development division is also located here.

The Wolfratshausen production facilities, Bavaria:

  • Area: 7,000 m²
  • Focus: production of technical active ingredients, concentrates, greases, pastes and liquids
  • 140 employees

The Lichtenau production site (Saxony)

  • Area: 74,000 m²
  • Focus: Production of aerosols
  • 85 employees

Market positioning and products

TUNAP is one of the largest European manufacturers of technical aerosols and an innovation leader in many areas. For decades, TUNAP has played a pioneering role especially with regard to products for use in automotive workshops. The product brand is named after the company – TUNAP. The company also manufactures private brands in the industry and commerce sector.

TUNAP is split into different areas, each of which markets products and services for different target groups. In all core areas, TUNAP offers product systems for maintenance and protection that combine effective technology with a high level of sustainability.


TUNAP Automotive

TUNAP is a service partner for vehicle manufacturers, car dealerships and workshops. The company’s portfolio includes chemical and technical products for maintaining, repairing and troubleshooting problems for all vehicle parts: products for engines, brakes and body, air conditioning systems and interior care and maintenance, for example. TUNAP is a cooperation partner with almost all major car manufacturers.


TUNAP Industry

TUNAP develops and markets high-performance and special lubricants for many different industries, such as heavy industry, and the food and plastics industries. The portfolio also includes services for lubrication management and concepts for cost reduction.

Private Brand

Private Brand

In strategic alliances, TUNAP develops and produces products and product ranges for the distribution of technical maintenance and care products. The customers include well-known manufacturers (OEMs) as well as wholesale and retail companies. On request, the laboratory also offers individualised, customer-specific developments and, consequently, ensures sustainable performance.


TUNAP Sports

In the fast-growing mobility market, TUNAP offers innovative end customer concepts for exclusive bicycle technology. TUNAP Sports customers enjoy bike quality at the highest level. Cosmetic products for cyclists round off the range. In this area, top priority is also placed on health and environmental compatibility.


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