TUNAP works. Our extensive range of cleaning and disinfection products.

TUNAP Works.

With Our Extensive Range of Cleaning and Disinfection Products.

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The Right Products for Every Requirement

Just now in autumn, the corona virus is spreading more strongly again and we must therefore protect our health more effectively. With the right cleaning and disinfection strategy from TUNAP this is no problem.

The transmission is from person to person. The best known transmission route is the so-called droplet infection when sneezing or coughing. However, contact transmissions through contaminated surfaces or air transmissions are also likely. The general rule is: wherever an infected person is or has been, transmission is possible. For this reason TUNAP has effective disinfection products in its range in addition to its classic cleaning products.

Surface Disinfection

With 5180 (1 liter / 5 liter), TUNAP offers an alcoholic surface disinfectant cleaner for all types of smooth surfaces. 5180 is materially compatible with glass, metals and plastics (except acrylic glass and alcohol-sensitive paints).

Hand Disinfection and Hand Hygiene Cleaning

880 is a hand disinfectant cleaner for hygienic hand disinfection in large containers from 1 liter bottles to 5 liter canisters. 881 hand hygiene gel in a practical 100 ml container has a cleaning effect with 70 VOL% and is ideal for use on the go in the small bottle. The gel is suitable for the hygienic cleaning of the hands without soap and water. It will be available shortly.

Hand and Surface Disinfection

For hygienic hand disinfection and surface disinfection, additional articles have been added to the range that are also effective against enveloped viruses (such as corona viruses) and bacteria. 5880 can be used for both surface and hand disinfection. 5880 from TUNAP is available in the 300 ml aerosol can with classic closure and in future also in the 100 ml aerosol can with the practical screw cap for on the go.

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