The TUNBottle, an innovative packaging solution: <br> Sustainable and economical.

The TUNBottle, an Innovative Packaging Solution:
Sustainable and Economical.

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Buy, Consume, Throw Away - and That's It?

No way. The new TUNBottle expects a much longer and more sustainable life, because it is made of 100 percent recyclable PET - and this recycling talent can be used again and again.

When developing the new packaging for our injector direct protection products, it was our aim to make a significant contribution to the circular economy. The idea behind it is to overcome the traditional form of the "throwaway society" and to achieve a more responsible, sustainable use of resources, emissions and energy.

The recycling of packaging plays a key role in implementing the circular economy. Existing materials and products should be reused, repaired, refurbished, shared and recycled for as long as possible. The circular economy is thus the resource-saving alternative to the fast-moving and environmentally harmful throwaway society.

Sustainable and Economical

With the TUNBottle, we have now developed an innovative packaging concept in which sustainability and economic efficiency complement each other in the best possible way - in line with the circular economy.

Even the production process is extremely resource-efficient, as less energy is required to manufacture the rPET bottle than a tinplate can. The packaging consists of 80 percent recycled PET and can be 100 percent recycled.

Since the TUNBottle also weighs considerably less than a tinplate can, fuel consumption and wear and tear on the transport vehicles are also lower.

Climate-Neutral Packaging

It was also important to us to use the new packaging to create the lowest possible CO2 footprint and to compensate for the share of emissions that cannot be avoided.

ClimatePartner, a leading provider of corporate climate protection activities, supported us with this goal: Our emissions were recorded and calculated over the entire product life cycle so that we can then offset them through our support for global climate protection projects.

The offsetting is achieved through our support for wind energy projects and plastic-free oceans. The TUNBottle is therefore our first 100 percent climate neutral packaging.

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