TUNAP: A Success Story Covering Four Generations

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The first products bearing the TUNAP name were used in 1974.

The Birth of a Brand

1974 was not only the year that the VW Golf first appeared on the market or that Germany won the FIFA World Cup. It was also the year that the first TUNAP products saw the light of day in automotive repair shops.

Founder Markus Buchner started the TUNAP triumph in automotive servicing, which has continued to the present day, with products to protect the cooling system and the first engine protection products.

New Applications and Industries

The passion for chemistry and technology has resulted in many TUNAP patents over the years and the development of aerosol technology has opened up many other areas, such as industrial applications and cosmetics. More than 800 employees in more than a dozen countries continue to write the TUNAP success story every day.

With good reason: with TUNAP, maintenance and repair jobs can be carried out faster, easier, cheaper, and in a more resource-saving manner than with conventional methods. Aerosol cans have also become well established as a permanently safe, durable and hygienic packaging for many different applications.

TUNAP has always stood for a complete range of chemical-technical products, which have proven their effectiveness millions of times and, at the same time, have always shown consideration for the environment and the health of the users.

The TUNAP founder and entrepreneur family Buchner was literally born to have a fascination for efficient automotive technology. A century ago, Max Buchner, the grandfather of the TUNAP founder Markus Buchner, made automotive history: In Munich, Germany, he established “automag” in 1928, which was the first ever authorised BMW repair shop. “automag” remains the oldest au-thorised BMW repair shop worldwide to the present day.

In 1929, Max Buchner also won the famed International Alpine Rally, back then the most difficult long-distance race in the world, with a 15 HP BMW Dixi. It was at that time when BMW acquired the Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach, which had produced the car.

Innovation and Consistency

Another innovation at that time was that instead of just two, all four wheels were equipped with brakes. With the success of the BMW Dixi, BMW developed into a successful, renowned car manufacturer, in addition to its aircraft engine and motorcycle business.

An intensive business relationship between TUNAP (Maximilian Buchner, the son of Markus Buchner is now a member of the management) and BMW has continued to the present day. This is not really surprising, since, as opposed to 1928, there is not just one authorised BMW repair shop – in Germany alone there are more than 500.

1988: Introduction of low-emission TUNAP maintenance products.

Internationalization and Technology Market Leadership

TUNAP has attracted attention over the years with numerous developments: In 1988, the first low-emission car maintenance line was introduced to the market and, at the tum of the millennium, international sites and plants were developed. At the beginning of the 2000s, TUNAP became a technology market leader in the area of air conditioning cleaning and expanded its Private Brand activities. You can find these and other milestones in the TUNAP company history here.


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