TUNAP at the Track Cycling World Championship 2019

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Chains Optimized by TUNAP Lubricants

All the German entrants of the 2019 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Pruszków, Poland, used chains optimised by TUNAP with the aid of the FES (Institut fur Forschung und Entwicklung von Sportgeraete, Sports Equipment R&D Institute). We awaited the results of our first major international test with bated breath.

Photo: R. Hartnick FES

One Gold, Two Silver and Three Bronze Medals

Chain lubrication was holistically designed and the chains were treated only with our lubricant after being completely degreased. Our chain test bench was used to make the optimisation precise and to test it.

World championship results: Three bronze medals in keirin (Stefan Boetticher), in team sprint (Miriam Welte and Emma Hinze) and in individual pursuit (Lisa Klein), two silver medals in womens’ individual pursuit (Lisa Brennauer) and a gold medal for the mens’ such event (Domenic Weinstein).

50 Kilometers, Average Speed of 59.243 kph

Roger Kluge showed up three hours before the race just 24 hours after the UAE Tour. After a very exciting race over 50 kilometers in Madison he and his partner Theo Reinhardt lapped the competition after 200 laps to win the world championship 2019 for themselves and for TUNAP. Their average speed of 59.243 kph reflected their championship status.

TUNAP now has proof our product is among the best. Let's hope for further titles at upcoming world championships and Olympic games.

Photo: R. Hartnick FES

Next Goal: Further medals

Our tribology experts under Christian Spaeth and our Application Engineering team under Alfons Urban will further optimise chain lubricant friction values and wear using new base oil combinations and additive technologies.

We look forward to further medals and a successful future!


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