Air conditioning system cleaning - not only for mobile air conditioning systems

Air Conditioning System Cleaning - Not Only for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems

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Air Conditioning Cleaning for Buildings

Especially in Corona times, air conditioning systems are also moving back into the public eye. Air conditioning systems are repeatedly suspected of spreading viruses - whereby air movement in the room seems to be the main problem. Exactly the right time to begin to extend the superior TUNAP cleaning method on the market to buildings.

For over 20 years TUNAP has successfully marketed a system for air conditioning cleaning, preferably for cars and trucks. The right to clean air is becoming more and more apparent to the general public. If you look at the air pollution in some large cities, the vehicle interior is the place with the best air! This is also because the air conditioning system, especially the filter and evaporator, cleans the air of particles and dirt. Some of this dirt remains on the evaporator. This is why the cleaning of the evaporator is so very useful. Spray or fogging systems are not able to remove this dirt from the evaporator. So it was obvious to adapt this system also for building air conditioning systems. Here, the so-called decentralised air conditioning systems are the main target.

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The Decentralised Air Conditioning System

A decentralised air conditioning system always airconditions one room at a time. It consists of an outdoor and an indoor unit, which are connected by coolant lines. The principle is the same as in a vehicle air conditioning system or in a refrigerator: a refrigerant is compressed, cooled, then liquefied and evaporated again. Evaporation produces evaporative cooling, which is used for cooling. The main accumulation of dirt is in the condenser / condenser, which is located outside the building. Inside the building is the evaporator, which largely influences the air quality. As with the vehicle, a bacterial or mould infestation has an immediate negative effect.

The indoor climate can be significantly improved by an air conditioning system, but this requires proper maintenance and cleaning. According to legal regulations, every operator of air conditioning systems in public buildings is obliged to have air conditioning systems maintained and cleaned. This therefore applies to all hotels, holiday homes or company buildings. Therefore, regular cleaning of the evaporator is also necessary for room air conditioners. The condenser outside the room should also be cleaned, as the power requirement increases immensely due to soiling.

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Different Variants

There are two main mounting options for decentralised air conditioning systems: wall and ceiling mounting. Many cleaning methods on the market use a spray can or pump sprayer. The evaporators are only sprayed, which means that there is little or no mechanical flushing and washing effect. Test rigs have been set up for both types of air conditioning systems to develop a new TUNAP cleaning method. The main focus of the cleaning is on the evaporator, as this has the greatest influence on the air quality.

In all the tests it was found that a good mechanical rinsing and washing effect can only be achieved with the TUNAP method which has been known for years, with a pressure cup gun and probe.

Various cleaning agents can be used for cleaning. Either one works with a biocidal cleaner or a surfactant cleaner. The surfactant cleaner has the advantage of excellent cleaning performance without having to be registered as a biocide. Both cleaners are water-based and do not contain flammable solvents. A small portable compressor is used to supply the cleaning system with compressed air. The method developed by TUNAP offers the following advantages:

  • Best possible access to the evaporator and the condensate tray.
  • High performance with clean application.
  • Excellent suitability for cleaning both types of air conditioning systems.
  • Better performance with lower contamination potential and lower detergent consumption.

Cleaning with TUNAP

The cleaning of the condensers outside the building can be done with our intercooler cleaning system. For holiday resorts and hotels a huge energy saving potential!

Conclusion: As with the cleaning of vehicle air conditioning systems, the TUNAP cleaning method is more complex but better than conventional products. All tests showed that effective cleaning is only possible with the TUNAP system!

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