Successful recertification for the Lichtenau plant

Successful Recertification for the Lichtenau Plant

IFS Certification with the "Higher Level" Standard for the Product Category

"Household Chemical Products"

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Successful Recertification for the Lichtenau Plant

For decades, our partners have benefited from defined quality, individual consultancy, reliability and certified safety. From raw material to series application. This certified product safety is reflected in the successful recertification pursuant to IFS HPC, Scope 1 and 2 of the TUNAP plant in Lichtenau. Certification pursuant to IFS HPC (Household and Personal Care Products) has become the industry standard for the household chemical products business areas - and is a prerequisite for market access, especially in the foodstuff retail sector.

IFS recertification for the Lichtenau plant

IFS Recertification for "Household Chemical Products".

Goal: "Higher Level" Standard

That is why this industry standard is of great importance for the divisions Private Brand Technics/Commerce and Cosmetics as well as for the implemented TUNAP plants in Kematen and Lichtenau.

In addition, there is a much more specific catalogue of requirements in several aspects than, for example, with the common ISO standards. Furthermore, each requirement of the standard is graded in the certification audit with an evaluation key that also includes minus points. The relevant standard is considered fulfilled if the result is 75% or more and a certificate can then be issued.

From 95% up the standard is considered met at Higher Level. Last year, the TUNAP Lichtenau plant achieved a very good result with 93.4%, with which the first IFS certification level was achieved. Consequently, the goal for the Lichtenau plant for the next year was to set the "Higher Level" standard - for our own sake and also due to customer requirements.

Special Thanks to our Employees

Consequently, various efforts and measures were initiated at the Lichtenau plant in 2019. These not only include the introduction of new hygiene clothing in the production area, but in particular also greater investments in the structural infrastructure, such as the conversion of the raw material weighing, the installation of a hygiene lock and the installation of a false ceiling in the production hall, filling lines SD and DR.

Regardless of these investments and the excellent work of the IFS team, it is our employees in particular who make a significant contribution to the successful recertification with their daily work. Special thanks goes to them. Because they are the ones who can make suggestions for improvement and who first and foremost notice optimisation opportunities, independent of site inspections and internal audits. Our employees have made the IFS-certification with the "Higher Level" standard (> 95%) possible.

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