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TUNAP Private Brand
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Development expertise

TUNAP stands for innovation with selective focus.

Our laboratory is the main guarantor of our ability to perform. With modern development and testing methods, we ensure the best possible quality for our customers.

Those who choose TUNAP benefit from

  • Intensive analysis of existing materials, system agents and processes
  • Leading industry patents
  • Many years of development know-how
  • Technical expertise

In order to develop, different equipment and testing equipment is required.

Range of laboratory equipment for tribological tests and measurements

  • Four-ball apparatus for determining characteristics of high loads
  • Thermogravimetric analysis for the determination of oxidation
  • Oscillating friction and wear tester
  • Rheometer for determining deformation and flow behavior

Laboratory equipment which is used for aqueous products, among other things

  • Conductivity meter for aqueous aerosols
  • pH meter
  • Tensiometer for determining dynamic surface tension

Some of our laboratory equipment for cosmetic products

  • Corneometer - for measuring skin surface hydration
  • Combing test
  • pH meter
  • Curl retention
  • Strength test
  • Mexameter - for measuring pigments and redness
  • Sebumeter - for measuring sebum secretion of the skin

Range of laboratory equipment for general tests and measurements

  • Halogen dryer for determining evaporation residues
  • Karl Fischer titration for determining water content
  • Particle size meter
  • Flash point meter

Basic equipment and material line for an aerosol laboratory

  • Different propellants
  • Riser length measuring device
  • Pressure gauge
  • Clinch value meter
  • Laboratory aerosol filling
  • Spray heads