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Factory III of the TUNAP GROUP is located in Märstetten in the canton of Thurgau in Eastern Switzerland.

The approximately 30 employees primarily produce aerosols and liquids for the international market, especially brake cleaner, rust remover and lubricant products.

The plant is equipped with several filling plants, which generate an annual output of up to 30 million cans. They are on the cutting edge of technology in terms of performance and safety. The plants operate in shifts and produce 50 to 60 aerosol cans per minute. The propellants propane, butane and CO2 are processed, which supply the propellant fillers from an exemplary tank system.

In 2000, TUNAP AG put its aerosol production facility in Märstetten into operation. In 2003, the canister filling system followed.

The Swiss site has proven to be ideal as it is close to the border and located centrally between Milan, Stuttgart and Munich. The plant has been upgraded repeatedly in recent years, for example with new shipping bays or through the commissioning of additional raw material tanks. The safety measures have also been intensified and improved for the long term.

Area: 11,000 m²

Focus: production of technical aerosols and foreign brands ("Private Brand")

Employees: 30

Weinfelderstraße 19
CH-8560 Märstetten

Phone: +41 (0)71 658 60 40
Fax:     +41 (0)71 658 60 50