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Plastics industry

We would like to introduce you to some selected products and look forward to advising you personally:


    TUNGREASE SG - Fluorocarbon grease

    Chemically inert fluorocarbon grease with a low solid content

    • Folding units, slides, latch locks etc. in the plastic injection molding industry
    • High-temperature use of low-loaded antifriction, roller and ball bearings in an aggressive and solvent-containing environment
    • For use in the food and beverage industry where accidental contact with food is possible

    TUNGREASE 400 - Fluorocarbon grease

    Chemically inert fluorocarbon grease with high solid content

    • Lubrication of all types of components which are subjected to high temperatures and aggressive media
    • Suitable for oxygen fittings


    TUNSLIP SF - Separating agent

    Physiologically safe paraffin oil with additives

    • Separating or antistatic agent
    • Maintenance and lubrication of sliding surfaces where silicone is undesirable


    TUNCLEAN 895 - Volatile cleaner

    Solvent-based cleaner

    • For maintenance, repairs and assembly in extreme cases of grease and resin build-up
    • For degreasing and activating parts before glueing and painting
    • Removes oil and resin crusts, synthetic oil and silicone residues
    • Ideal for residue-free cleaning
    • Brake cleaner


    Low-viscosity fluid based on fatty acids and corrosion inhibitors

    • Temporary corrosion protection of injection molding and die casting tools
    • Cleaning and conservation of cooling holes

    Maintenance products

    TUNPRO WK - Corrosion protection

    Pressure-proof, transparent wax with  special additives

    • Sealing and lubrication of hard to reach areas, semi-finished and finished products
    • Ideal for mold and tool construction