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TUNAP Industrial Manufactoring
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Food industry

We have compiled our range of greases, pastes, oils and maintenance products for you according to the application:

We would like to introduce you to some selected products and look forward to advising you personally:



    Physiologically safe, synthetic gear oils for the food industry

    • For industrial gears where there is a risk of direct contact between lubricant and food

    TUNGEAR PG SERIES - Synthetic industrial gear oils

    Gear oils based on polyalkylene glycol and additives

    • For gears of all kinds, especially suitable for gears with high sliding friction, such as worm gears and for steel/non-ferrous metal material combinations

    Antifriction bearing

    TUNGREASE 300 series - Fluorocarbon grease

    Chemically inert fluorocarbon grease with white solid substances

    • High-temperature use of antifriction, roller and ball bearings in an aggressive and solvent-containing environment
    • Suitable for oxygen fittings
    • For use in the food and beverage industry where accidental contact with food is possible

    TUNGREASE CS series - High-performance greases

    • Lubrication of all types of components which are subjected to high temperatures and/or high speeds
    • Spindle and tapered roller bearings in machine tools, metal machining centers, textile machines, wire drawing machines, etc.


    TUNFLUID TAC 2000 - Adhesive lubricant

    Physiologically safe, synthetic adhesive lubricant

    • Lubrication and chains, ropes, open drives, levers, joints, rods, hinges, sliding surfaces and bearings where there is a risk of direct contact between lubricant and food


    Physiologically safe, synthetic base oils with additives

    • Lubrication of compressors and vacuum pumps of various designs


    TUNGARD H1 - Multi-functional oil

    Physiologically safe synthetic oil with multi-functional additive combination for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

    • For the lubrication and maintenance of links, chains, seals and all moving parts

    TUNCLEAN 700

    Special cleaner made from hydrocarbon mixture

    • Special cleaner for the highest requirements for metal degreasing/plastic cleaning
    • Attacks dirt by infiltration

    TUNCLEAN FDB - Volatile cleaner

    Hydrocarbon-based, physiologically safe cleaner for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

    • Cleaning and temporary lubrication in physiologically and ecologically sensitive areas