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TUNAP Industrial Manufactoring
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Our core range for the industry

We would like to introduce you to some selected products and look forward to advising you personally.


TUNPAS CU - Copper paste

Synthetic lubricating and separating paste with inorganic thickeners, copper pigments and a synergistic combination of additives

  • Assembly lubrication of screw and plug connections, seals, disc brakes, levers, hinges, guides and shafts
  • In all high-temperature systems

TUNPAS WP - White paste

Synthetic white assembly and lubricating paste with inorganic thickeners and white solid lubricants

  • Assembly and running-in lubrication
  • For all applications in which a dark paste is not desirable or fretting corrosion inhibiting properties are desirable


TUNGREASE 250 - Temperature and ageing resistant high performance grease

Synthetic grease with organic thickener and OMC2

  • Lubrication of all types of bearings and sliding surfaces which are subjected to high loads and very high temperatures
  • Conveyors, fans, dryers, furnaces, turbines, motors, pumps and compressors
  • In machinery and plant construction, as well as in precision machinery

TUNGREASE OMC2 series - High-performance multi-purpose EP greases

Mineral oil-based lithium multi-purpose grease with OMC2

  • Lubrication of bearings, guides, joints as well as all sliding surfaces which are subjected to high loads

TUNGREASE CK-2 - Heavy-duty grease

Mineral oil-based high-load grease with a special complex soap combination

  • Low-maintenance long-term lubrication in all areas of mechanical and vehicle engineering

TUNGREASE CF-33 - Grease paste

  • For the lubrication of highly-loaded sliding points
  • Can be used as base and antifriction lubricant as well as separating agents for safe and easy assembly/disassembly

Gear Oils

TUNGEAR SERIES - Industrial gear oils

Multi-purpose oil based on mineral oil and OMC2

  • For increasing the service life of all industrial gears which are subjected to surface pressures and impact loads
  • Cannot be used for synchromesh and automatic transmissions

Chain Lubes

TUNFLUID TAC 2000 - Adhesive lubricant

  • Lubrication and chains, ropes, open drives, levers, joints, rods, hinges, sliding surfaces and bearings where there is a risk of direct contact between lubricant and food

Special oils

TUNFLUID TAC 2000 - Adhesive lubricant

  • Lubrication and chains, ropes, open drives, levers, joints, rods, hinges, sliding surfaces and bearings where there is a risk of direct contact between lubricant and food

Compressor and vacuum pump oils

TUNAIR series - Compressor oils

  • Lubrication of compressors and vacuum pumps of different types:
    Rotary, rotary screw, and piston compressors for air and most technical gases
  • For smooth operation at high temperatures
  • Reliable long-term operation with extended oil change and maintenance intervals
  • For achieving higher reliability and operating cost reduction

Safety Products

TUNGARD MP - Rust remover

Synthetic oil with OMC2

  • For disassembly of rusted, burnt and firmly bonded parts
  • For lubricating lubrication points of secondary imortance
  • For maintenance, inspection and repair


TUN Solve series - Volatile cleaner

Innovative safety cleaner TUN Solve 917/915

  • For maintenance, repair and assembly work
  • Removes dust, encrustations, oil, grease, resin, silicone and corrosion protection layers
  • With tested fire behavior, tested ingredients and flame retardant propellants

Maintenance products

TUNPRO TR - Dry lubricant

Synthetic high-performance and dry lubricant with high PTFE content

  • Lubrication of sliding surfaces, spline shafts, cardan shafts and universal joints, spindles, guides, transport chains and gear wheels, especially in dusty environments

TUNSOLID TE 812 - Bonded coating

PTFE bonded coating

  • For guides and sliding surfaces with medium load which depend on grease- and oil-free lubrication
  • Base lubrication of slideways and guides in conjunction with appropriate lubricants to prevent stick-slip

TUNADD PS - Diesel additive

Multi-functional high-performance additive for diesel engines

  • Engines that run on low sulfur diesel
  • In unleaded fuel for engines that should run on leaded fuel